What are the Benefits of Fundraising?

The word “fundraising” was first coined in 1940 and today is one of the best ways to collect funds for a cause. It could be funds for a school, a political outfit, a charity dedicated to medical research, etc. Almost every business, team, and non-profit organization has had to organize fundraisers at some point of time. These are events hosted annually or twice a year. You must have recently come across “crowdfunding”; this has gained a lot of popularity as an online method for requesting small amounts of money from many people to finance a project. Many businesses utilize cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to raise funds through token sales. This facilitates fast trading of the tokens. Its the best choice to invest in Bitcoins, as it is always impressive. Check out the beste bitcoin aktien 2021 blog if you want to make a lot of money with Bitcoin shares.

So, fundraising offers you supplemental funds which can contribute to what you already do or provides new opportunities to do something from which people will benefit. It may benefit an individual in the community or the entire community as a whole, if they require monetary assistance. Apart from this, there are other important reasons for people to resort to fundraising. One such reason is to fund research on causes of genetic brain disorders so that cures for these can be discovered.

What is the Canavan Disease?

Canavan disease an inherited gene disorder that is rare. It affects the power of nerve cells inside the brain to transmit messages. It falls under the group of genetic brain disorders referred to as luekodystrophies. Like other leukodystrophies, this condition disrupts the body’s production of myelin. Myelin is the fatty membrane in the central nervous system which is the “white matter”; it creates a protective coating around brain and spinal cord nerves. This is supposed to make sure that impulses are transmitted properly.

The symptoms of this disease start to appear within the first 3-6 months and progress fast. They include feeding difficulty, lack of motor skills, abnormally large head, abnormal muscle tone, blindness, paralysis, and hearing loss. While Canavan disease can affect anyone, it is mainly prevalent amongst the Ashkenazi Jews and Saudi Arabians.

It is possible to detect the condition through a simple pre-natal blood sample. The test looks for a missing enzyme or gene mutations controlling aspartoacylase. A child will have this condition when both parents carry the gene. If both carry the gene mutations, there is 25% possibility that the kid will be affected.

How Fundraising Can Benefits Medical Research For Treating Canavan Disease:

The Canavan Research Foundation has a mission to support research to discover treatments and cure for the Canavan disease. It seeks to apply such findings to come up with therapies for even other genetic brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Canavan’s disease, a neurological disorder, develops in the brain. The brain starts to deteriorate because of a defective gene that the child has inherited.

Canavan Research Foundation has earlier spearheaded gene therapy trials for such diseases in 1996. It continues to finance innovative research for discovering cures for a variety of genetic brain conditions.

The foundation has so far financed a lot of research work to develop effective treatments for children suffering from this rare genetic condition. Fundraising helps to create awareness about the condition and collect funds for research at the same time.